Developers register a client application to access DK API Solutions. In order for a developer to register an application, they must create a DK API Solutions account on 

After successful registration the developer will sign in into the developer portal. Successful login will now display the developer's name along the navigation bar:


developer signed in


Selecting the drop down on the developer's name, we see the developer now has access to the Sandbox and can create Sandbox applications.

Developer Sandbox apps



The Sandbox is meant to be a safe way to test client application development against an API which will provide a valid data response structure, while not actually making production requests.  The data returned from a Sandbox API may not be complete, but the structure of the Sandbox API response will be a representation of what to expect in Production.  Sandbox is the first environment that a developer has access to.

The purpose of the Sandbox is to test your code’s ability to communicate with Digi-Key APIs (authorization and authentication). The response received will have the correct data structure but the data itself may not match the request.

When you have confirmed your ability to communicate with our APIs we recommend that you switch to the production versions.




Sandbox Applications

A Developer creates Sandbox applications. Sandbox apps are only available to the developer creating them.  Sandbox applications are not shared.




developer and sandbox


Registering a Sandbox Application

Begin by selecting the drop-down menu under the developer's name and selecting Apps:

Developer Sandbox apps


Click the Create Sandbox App Button:


sandbox app create


Fill the form using the information specific to your application, then click Add sandbox app button:

sandbox app form


The Sandbox application has been created:

sandbox app view


Viewing Sandbox Application Properties

To view an applications properties, click the applications name. To edit the application, click the Edit link.

sandbox app



Here we see both the developer defined properties for the application, along with a set of credentials registered to the application:

app properties

By selecting the Edit tab, you can edit the application's developer defined properties.



Deleting an Application

An application can be deleted from the My Sandbox Apps page:

delete my apps


or by clicking the delete tab when viewing the application's property page:

delete app view


The site will confirm that you want to delete the application by entering and submitting a provided string:

delete sure


The application is deleted:

app deleted