To make a production call to Digi-Key APIs a developer must create, or be a member of, an organization. An Organization can have one or more members. An Organization should invite their co-developers to their created Organization. One or more members of an organization can be assigned the role of Organization Administrator. The role of Organization Administrators permits select members to manage their Organization’s users and applications.


A company should create one Organization using either their Company’s registered name or fully qualified domain name.



Organizations create production applications. Production applications make requests to production APIs.


Production Applications

Production applications send and receive traffic from our production APIs and backend services. Production is the "live" environment for client applications. Production applications are created by Organizations.

All applications created by an Organization are production applications. An Organization's applications are shared between the Organization members.




Organization and Production



Registering an Organization Application

As stated earlier, in order to make an Organization Application, you must either have created an organization or have been added as a member to one.

Begin by clicking Organizations on the navigation bar:

navigation menu org


Then select Production Apps located under Operations:

production apps



Click the Create Production App Button:

production app button



Fill the form using the information specific to your application, then click Add production app button:

production app form


The Production application has been created:

org app created





Viewing Organization Application Properties

To view an application's properties, click the app name. To edit the application, click the Edit link.

org app


Here we see both the developer defined properties for the application, along with a set of credentials registered to the application:

view org app

By selecting the Edit tab, you can edit the application's developer defined properties. By Selecting the Delete tab, you can begin application deletion.


Deleting An Application

An application can be deleted from the Production Apps page:

delete prod app from org view


or by clicking the delete tab when viewing the application's property page:

delete tab


The site will confirm that you want to delete the application by entering and submitting a provided string:

confirm delete

The application is deleted:





Organization Administrator Role

The Organization Administrator Role manages members for the Organization. Members with this role have the privileges of other developers to the organization. The Organization Administrator can also assign the Administrator Role to other developers.


Adding a member to the Organization

Before a new member can be added to an organization, the invitee must already be registered on the developer portal. Only a member with the Organization Administrator role can add other developers to an Organization.

The Organization Administrator begins adding a member to their organization by clicking the Add member button from the Members page:

add member button


Fill the form using the exact email address of the developer to add (the exact email address registered with Digi-Key, email addresses are case sensitive), and determine if they should have the Organization Administrator role:

add steve


The developer has been added to the organization:

added dev


Remove a Member from the Organization

To remove a member, click the Remove item across from the member to remove:

remove member

Then confirm member removal by clicking Confirm:



The member has been removed from the organization: