Look to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) resource for answers to commonly received questions. Please visit this resource first before opening a support ticket. Most likely your question has been asked in the past and is addressed within the FAQ.

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DK API Technical Support

For technical support questions related to the use of Digi-Key APIs we have implemented a support ticketing system. Create a support ticket if you have technical issues related to the the use of our APIs.

Support tickets will be responded to during the operating hours of Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm central time (cst/cdt), holidays excluded.

Digi-Key API Technical Support team will not provide code review or coded solutions.

Support tickets allow the upload of text and image files. Providing text files of the full client request and the API response is very helpful. Providing screen shots for items not able to be captured with text is helpful as well.

In the support request please provide:

  • Company Name

  • Organization Name

  • Client ID

  • The full client request, headers and message body, sent to the API

  • The full response, headers and message body, received from the API

  • Description of the issue

  • Steps to reproduce the problem

  • Relevant screenshots

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Please contact the Digi-Key API Team to:

  • Request an increase in the daily API requests allowed for your application
  • Provide feedback on the DK APIs
  • Suggest a request for enhancement

Contact DK API Team


NOTE: Code developed for V1/V2 will not work for V3; V3 is a contract breaking release. Please review all documentation provided under Resources detailing development changes needed for V3. It will be important to review Change Logs, OAuth changes, Organization vs Developer, as well as the specifications of the APIs.